The Future Of Advertising Lies In Influencer Marketing

April 28, 2017 Brett Hershman 0

Social media influencer marketing has emerged as a crucial advertising strategy for companies to create credible visibility of products through trusted third-party trendsetters.  Facebook Inc […]

Adidas X Parley: A Partnership To Save Our Oceans

April 27, 2017 Brett Hershman 0

It doesn’t appear that adidas AG(ADR)(OTCMKTS:ADDYY) commitment to innovation and growth amid its current turnaround will slow down anytime soon. German sportswear giant recently announced […]

Luxury Segment The Next Frontier In Vacation Rentals; Airbnb Takes Notice

February 14, 2017 Brett Hershman 0

In this technology-obsessed market, the term “start-up” usually evokes ideas of cloud computing companies, machine-learning platforms and shiny software as a service interfaces. However, these […]

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