Interview With BoycottTrump App Founder

“BoycottTrump,” an app launched by the Democratic Coalition Against Trump, has cracked the top 10 in the Apple Inc. AAPL‘s App Store and Alphabet Inc GOOG GOOGL‘s Google Play.

The app is a database listing over 250 companies and people with some sort of affiliation to President-elect Donald Trump, either past or present.

“We are pretty confident once we start seeing Trump’s plan in action, once we start seeing horrendous administration, people are going to get sick of it and realize that they were conned pretty quickly,” the app’s co-founder Nate Lerner told Benzinga.

Notable Entries

Everything ranging from Tom Brady’s endorsement of Trump to Starbucks Corporation SBUX, which has stores in the Trump Towers, is listed.

“We want to find the ones that you probably didn’t realize were connected to Trump. Gucci is a great example, Gucci has not supported him in any regard, but their flagship store is in Trump Tower. It would be a very symbolic move for them to remove that store, which is what we’re calling them to do,” said Lerner.

Another example is MillerCoors’ chairman, Pete Coors, who has been a huge support to Donald Trump.

“People want to fight against Donald Trump right now, but it’s very hard to [do that]. There’s only so much the average person can do [to] take a stand against Donald Trump, and you feel very powerless. So, you have this creation to allow them to make a difference on an individual level and be united,” he added.

Focus Of The App: Beyond Financial Implications

Lerner insists the application is not to make a financial impact toward Trump, but to rally people around a cause. The app continues to gain traction and has garnered over 80,000 users since its launch on November 21.

“Our pure and only focus right now is to stop him and hold him accountable, and that was our unique brand during the election and more unique now that the election is over. It’s going to be quite difficult, but we’re certainly up for the challenge,” Lerner concluded.