What Other Industries Will Augmented Reality Disrupt?

Augmented reality has undoubtedly changed the world in a very short period of time.   The potential applications of this revolutionary technology are virtually endless and can influence to many different industries beyond gaming in the future.

Pokémon Go has shined such a big light on Augmented reality that nearly everyone has heard about it due to the immense media coverage this game-changing app has already had on our everyday life. Nintendo (NTDOY) stock continues to skyrocket in wild trading sessions unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. The app is changing how users are living and interacting with others.

The effects the new app has had on Nintendo’s stock and potential future ancillary businesses are enormous. Mobile gaming has changed literally overnight as other potential players such as Disney (DIS) and Time Warner (TWX) could enter the augmented reality gaming space due to their beloved franchises and arsenal of likable characters.

Pokemon Go

We wanted to highlight other industries that this technology could potentially disrupt in the future.

Dating: Pokémon Go has already seen success linking up other users for dating purposes, as the game has gotten people out of their houses and driving them to public places like parks and beaches. Users already have common interests and the game makes for an easy opening connection. Pokémon GO has more downloads that Match’s (MTCH) Tinder accumulated in its 4 years of existence. It is somewhat of a Tinder 3D, and if a chat feature is added enabling users to communicate with players close by that would be a game changer.   Users are more likely to have success with dating through an AR game than a superficial chat that very well could not lead anywhere. Plus there’s already an activity that users have in common meaning there’s no awkward planning of potential dates and dull conversations about interests.

Real Estate: The act of holding up a phone and an augmented reality appears on the screen could ultimately play an important role in several different industries. The potential applications augmented reality could have in Real Estate is not to be discredited. By holding up a phone to any house and retrieving important details about the property ie (home values, bedrooms, and square footage, etc) would change the landscape of obtaining valuable real estate information. Big time players like Zillow (Z), Trulia (TRLA), Air bnb, and Redfin (RFNN) could certainly capitalize on this technology.

Retail: Augmented Reality could have a significant impact on the retail industry, holding up your phone to stores to see what deals they currently have, highlight new products, or see a menu to a restaurant you may want to vet out before entering. This is almost certainly what we will see in the future, and makes retail shopping unique and exciting again.

Exercise: Its no secret that Pokémon Go has done the unthinkable, gotten video game users to get outside of their houses and exercise.   We could see other exercise minded apps that ‘gamify’ life and give users incentives to get up and explore their neighborhoods by being active.

The potential is virtually endless. What other industries could you see augmented reality disrupt?