How to Limit Dangerous Artificial Blue Light Exposure

The screen you are reading this article on could be harming your health.

 New studies continue to highlight the effect that artificial blue light emitted from electronics, including
appliance monitors and cellphone screens, have on users’ health.
 Why is too much blue light seriously bad for you?
Blue light prevents the body from creating the sleep-inducing hormone, melatonin.
However, companies and entrepreneurs alike have taken a keen interest in combating these ill effects.
Apple took notice and added a night shift feature on the latest iOS update to combat this problem.

Former ESPN Achnor and Entrepreneur James Swanwick has taken this a step further and created glasses that help wearers reduce their exposure to artificial blue light.

The product is called Swannies, and it continues to gain traction on Amazon.
“People don’t realize that artificial blue light is tricking your body and brain into thinking it’s daytime. Because of this, your body is not creating melatonin needed to sleep,” Swanwick said.

As the world becomes increasingly dominated by electronic use, society often remains unaware of the effect that electronic use has on sleep and overall health. Because of the universal prevalence and reliance on electronics, the issue likely affects the vast majority of the American population.