James Harden Deal Can Bring Adidas Back to Relevance

james-harden-houston-rocketsAugust 16, 2015 — Adidas is attempting to regain traction in the highly profitable basketball shoe marketplace, as the company signed NBA superstar James Harden to a 13-year, $200 million endorsement contract. Adidas lured the Houston Rockets star away from Nike (NYSE:NKE) with the massive contract, as Nike decided that it would not be matching the offer made by Adidas. The deal is Adidas’ latest pursuit to regain relevancy in the NBA.
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Signature Shoe Sales 2014
LeBron James: $340 million (Nike)
Kevin Durant: $195 million (Nike)
Kobe Bryant: $105 million (Nike)
Chris Paul: $32 million (Nike/Jordan)
Derrick Rose: $32 million (Adidas)
Carmelo Anthony: $30 million (Nike/Jordan)
John Wall: $8 million (Adidas)
Kyrie Irving: $7 million (Nike)
Damian Lillard: $1.8 million (Adidas).
Source: SportScanInfo